For that added touch (guaranteed to make your party a night to remember)

Who am I Write names of famous people from this era on pieces of paper and put them in a hat. As each guest arrives attach a piece of paper with a name on his or her back. Then each person must guess the name written on their back by asking questions that can only be answered with yes or no. This game is a great icebreaker and a good way for people who don’t know one another to meet and mingle to get the party started.

CD pass I will ask for two teams of equal numbers approximately 6 to 8 people to form two lines on the dance floor. Each person should be at least one metre apart. I will then give each player a straw they must place in their mouth. The first person puts the CD on the straw and proceeds to pass the CD along the line without using their hands. If the CD is dropped then they must start at the beginning again. The first team to reach the end wins.

Beach Party Twist Contest Hip shaken’ mamas and toe tappin’ daddies take the stage. In this game I will ask guests to join the dance floor for a twist competition. Non participating guests will be asked to judge the best twister.

The limbo
In it’s simplest form can be played by suspending a broomhandle between two chairs, otherwise get two people to hold each end of the stick. I will let everyone have a few practice goes with the bar at different heights and then line them up for the contest. Each time a round is completed the stick comes down a notch until you start to catch people out. The person who can arch their back and walk under the stick while the stick is at the lowest point is the winner.

Pass the bomb
In this game I will ask for everyone to form a circle on the dance floor standing approximately 1metre apart. A bomb will then be given to one of the contestants. The object of the game is not to get caught with the bomb when the music stops. When someone throws you the bomb you must catch it and quickly throw it to someone else. If the music stops while the bomb is in mid air, then the person whom the bomb was heading towards is out. You are also out if you drop the bomb. The last person remaining is the winner.

Dance Contest Select a theme or style of music you would like to dance to (e.g. Saturday night fever, rock n roll,lambada). Ask for contestants to join the dance floor. If guests seem shy then the hosts of the party should consider taking the first bold step onto the dance floor. Once a few people are on the dance floor, everyone else will join in. The pre-selected judges will roam the dance floor while the music is on and tap people on the shoulder. Each couple tapped has to leave the floor, until the three best couples are left. The winner will then be picked from the loudest applause.

Hula hoop A Rama Get into circular motion and bring plenty of laughs to your party. Guests will be asked to join the dance floor and given a hula-hoop. The person who hula hoops the longest wins and can receive a prize.

Karaoke I will play the first part of a fun oldie then stop the music. You need to sing the next line of the song. Not say it, not spell it, not stomp it out with your foot, you must sing it.

Music Trivia Great for theme nights, put together a few pages of questions relating to artists and songs. Place the pages of questions at each table, this can be done as a group or individually. A price can be given to the person or group with the most correct answers.

If you would like any of the above games please let me know when confirming your booking