Will my DJ M/C my function?

No, I prefer to concentrate on the music, however I will do any announcements associated with the music.

How will my DJ be dressed?

Your DJ will be dressed to suite the occasion, formal for weddings and engagements and semi formal for others.

Does my DJ carry back up equipment?

Yes, we always carry back up leads, mixer and CD players.

How and when can I pay?

You can pay by cheque cash or direct deposit, either a week before or on the night

Can I bring along my own CDs?

Yes you can, provided the are clearly labeled, Original CDs are preferred, if copied CDs are to be supplied they need to be given to me a week before the function and tested to be sure that they work correctly.

When will the DJ set up?

The DJ will set up depending on when the room is accessible, either midday or two hours before start time.

Will the DJ take requests?

If you are happy for me to take requests then I am happy to play them.

Do you hire equipment?

No, you can only hire the DJ and equipment together.

Can the DJ stay for longer?

Yes, but an additional upfront fee will be charged

Can we meet the DJ?

Yes, once a booking is confirmed, we can meet up with you and discuss your music requirements.

Can we pick all the music?

A good DJ should be able to read a crowd and get quests dancing so this is not usually necessary however if you would like to pick all the music then that’s fine with me, Input from the client is important for a successful function.( our play list is available to help you with selections)

How experienced is the DJ and what happens if he is sick on the day?

I personally DJ at every function and have been a DJ for 19 years. I have several experienced DJs I can call upon if ever need be.